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About Us

Technology is the base of the modern world. The world wide web has not metaphorically but literally well-knitted every incident, discovery, and events in a huge mesh of internet and IT. Understanding the all the Knick knacks of this sector is not easy learning, and hence in Elamal News, we make sure to deliver these news to our readers in a way which is more user-friendly.

Our articles display the real events which are taking place in the world of technology, including all the new inventions and the evolution from ancient technology. There are many small subdivisions of this vast realm, and we try to incorporate all these under one shelter in Elamal News.

We categorize the news in 4 main subdivisions-

  • Automobile and Aviation
  • Communication Devices
  • Electronic Devices
  • Nano Technology

All these articles published here stands out of the box; even the mainstream articles are also a joy to read. To make these articles interesting and meaningful, we prefer to include photos and graphs of different variants, which helps our readers to understand the topic easily than ever. In Elamal News, we value the skill and expertise of our writers and editors, and in return, it has proven to be quite beneficial for our website.

We have seen the way Elamal News has evolved up from a start-up to a huge base of technical news, informing and serving the people of the global society.  Efforts, dedication, and support of our readers are the three main agents of improvisation. We value all the feedbacks by our readers, which helps in the betterment of the website and enables us to take another step towards achieving our goal.

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